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Welcome to The Fusion Home Blog!

Updated: Feb 18, 2020

Hola and welcome to The Fusion Home Blog!

We’re Amy and Matt, and together we live off-grid in the rainforest in Costa Rica’s wild and beautiful Southern Pacific region.

Here we are! Plus our border collie and best friend, MJ, over in the corner

We each came to Costa Rica independently, in search of an adventure and to escape from the norm -- it’s not a surprise that we met and fell in love at a magical jungle community called Finca Bellavista, where we decided to build our Fusion Home.

In 2015, before we even began building the initial structure, Matt started the original website as a place to share our design plans for how we envisioned the layout of the home and to document our progress with friends and family. We also used the site to repost articles about the different gadgets and technology that we were going to incorporate into the build.

The last few years have really taught us to hold the vision and trust the process, which has become one of our favorite sayings and life mottos, and a great reminder for us to go with the flow as we continue to create a life less ordinary.

It’s been a wild ride so far, but the real adventure is only just beginning. Our home is now (mostly) completed (although, is a home ever really finished?) and is available to rent on Airbnb or directly through The Fusion Home website. We’re excited to share what it’s like to live off-grid in the jungle, and to give you an inside scoop about our favorite places to explore and awesome adventures to have right here in our backyard.

**When we’re ready, we’ll also post about our future camper van conversion project for our intended road trip from Costa Rica to Alaska (no set plans yet, but we’re holding the vision and trusting the process since that has worked for us in the past!)

This is the van we will be taking to Alaska and back!

We continue to find that the most fulfilling way to live life is authentically and from the heart, and always choosing kindness. We believe that it’s not what we do, it’s how we do it, and we hope, if nothing else, that our stories will inspire you to live in alignment with your dreams, to let your heart lead the way, and of course to come explore this beautiful and wild region of Costa Rica.

If there is anything specific that you would like to know about relative to our lifestyle, exploring Costa Rica, or The Fusion Home, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us - we would love to hear from you!

Pura vida and much love,

Amy & Matt


UPDATE: 18 February 2020

Hey guys, Matt here...

I just wanted to let you know that we have created a members only forum! It's free and easy to join.

Amy and I get a lot of questions pertaining to our lifestyle, build, eating habits, Finca Bellavista, off-grid living etc and find that we answer the same questions - a lot!

The forum will allow us to answer questions in one place and hopefully grow into an online community where we can all help each other.

As a member, you will be able to interact with our forum, find answers to questions you never knew you had and meet other owners, volunteers and guests of Finca Bellavista.

We cover a wide range of topics such as volunteering, properties for sale within the community, long term renting, lifestyle, Finca Bellavista in general, construction materials and sources, gadgets, solar power etc. We are currently working on profiles for each of the houses within Finca Bellavista so you can be sure you are selecting the right one when visiting (or purchasing).

You can earn badges (all free and fun) to unlock certain categories that grant you access to the backend of what happens behind the scenes in the community as well as earning discounts up to 30% for stays in 'The Fusion Home' to be used at your discretion!

Once you have signed up, head on over to the 'members' category for more information!

Pura Vida and see you online,

Matt and Amy


Interested in experiencing off-grid living in Costa Rica’s Southern Zone, or learning more about the Finca Bellavista community in general? You can book a stay at the Fusion Home or any of the other rental homes at Finca Bellavista. If you have at least two weeks and really want to get your hands dirty, check out the Finca Bellavista volunteer program!

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Anja Somieski
Anja Somieski
Feb 07, 2020


That sounds perfect meeting you at the happy hour in the Rancho! Or basecamp or somewhere in the area!

See you soon! Anja & Mirko


Feb 07, 2020

Hola Anja & Mirko,

No problem, happy to hear you are enjoying Costa Rica!!

Drake bay is one of Amy's favorite places, enjoy. You are actually not far from us right now - less than 2hrs. We also did the tour of Caño Island (put lots of sunscreen on your back, don't do what we did!)

El Fenix is a great choice, we love that home and it's owner - Fiona Reid. FYI, Fiona is in country right now and has a magical place not far from Finca Bellavista (about a 40 min drive) which would be perfect for a day excursion or someone to stay after your visit to Finca Bellavista. Here is her website:

(if you end…


Anja Somieski
Anja Somieski
Feb 07, 2020

Hello Amy and Matt,

I'm sorry I haven't written earlier!

We are already in Costa Rica and love it! Right now we are on the Peninsula Osa in Bahia Drake/ Agujitas. Yesterday we did a day trip to Corcovado Nationalpark with a private guide (Melby, he was one of the best tour guides I ever had!!!!). Awesome!

Today we are going on a scuba diving tour to Caño Island. Hope to see lots of fish!

Then we'll have a day off at the besutiful beaches around here.

We are coming to Finca Bellavista from the 9th to the 11th of february. So quite soon! We are going to stay in "El Fenix" and would be very happy if there is…


Brian Ham
Brian Ham
Sep 26, 2019

You 2 are so equipped with soooo much to share about Costa Rica Southern Zone and life in Costa Rica. Thank you for being willing to share your wisdom and experience with others.


Sep 26, 2019

Yes Jon! Great idea for a blog and forum discussion. We will add a blog about MJ and how we care for him to the blog list - from there we can link it to a forum category and have it open for discussion.

Awesome pic of Thea - thank you for sharing! Here's one I took of Amy and MJ last night

See you soon neighbors!!!

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