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The Fusion Home is not a property management company and takes no responsibility for your stay at Finca Bellavista. We are assisting our fellow neighbors by providing a booking platform - it is your responsibility to make sure you have read and understood all the information found through 'The Fusion Forum' as well as reviewing all information once the request of dates is made. If you have questions, please ask them in the forum. 

Once you have confirmed and submitted your dates, you will have 24 hours to review all the information / cancelation policy / liability waivers etc before payment is required. If payment is not received within 24 hours, your selected dates will automatically be released. Full refunds on all rentals up until 7 days prior to check-in date. 

If you would like to leave a review, comment or suggestion then please do so within the owners personal profile or the community's tripadvisor account. Your experience is not associated in anyway with 'The Fusion Home' and we respectively ask you to keep it seperate.

we're a community!

of sorts

The Finca Bellavista community concept was founded in 2006 by founders Erica Andrews and Mateo Hogan following a chance site visit. At the time, the 62-acre property was being marketed for sale as a timber harvest site...(for more info regarding the history of FBV, please click here)


Unfortunately, due to reasons outside of the community's control, Finca Bellavista operations ceased in the beginning of 2020 (a year I'm sure you all will remember). As such, traditional past activities such as ziplining, e-biking and food and beverage services are not operational. 

It's not all bad news...as the homes within the community are privately owned, some of the owners of these incredible houses have come together to keep the spirit of Finca Bellavista alive!

The majority of the staff at Finca Bellavista (you can meet them here) have been involved since the inception of the community back in 2006. In an effort to keep those that want to stay on employed, residents and owners are working together in an effort to keep things as normal (our normal, not your normal) as possible. 

Be sure to check out some of Amy's blog posts:


You can still receive massages from Hannia (now in your very own rental), a night-hike from Bryan (with an escort home) and authentic Costa Rican meals prepared by the same crew as before (now delivered). 

All units have the needed facilities to cook but please be sure to double check your home has power/electricity/refrigeration. You can find all the relevant information you need via 'The Fusion Forum' in general or by investigating each homes personal profile (you can even ask the owners questions directly). 

You can still explore the property, waterfalls, trails and other homes as shown on the map below 





Please note that Finca Bellavista is far from being a resort and you will be mostly left on your own to enjoy the jungle experience. It's important to make sure the house you choose is adequate for your needs. 

There are a ton of things to do in the area such as, hiking the most bio diverse parks in the world, snorkeling and scuba diving, exploring islands and some of the most beautiful secluded beaches in the world, whale watching, turtle hatching, mangrove tours and many more epic adventures.


Discover more information here. (coming soon) 

Unfortunately the community centre at basecamp is not owned by the residents/owners of the homes at Finca Bellavista and as such, it has become private property - unused and inaccessible.

Traditionally, the basecamp area was used for community meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) and an evening gathering with other guests/residents and a selection of drinks available to purchase. 

Currently the shorter term rentals (El Fenix and Fila Tortuga) are offering a dinner service that is delivered to the homes in the evenings. At this time they cannot select what nights the meals can be ordered as the food is prepared offsite - it's a everynight service. You can opt for this service when making your booking with either home but given that 'The Fusion Home' is a 7 night minimum rental, we recommend bringing what you need for the first couple nights and then ordering for the remainder once onsite (if you want to use this service). The home has a fully equipped kitchen and we can provide you with alternative ideas, places and recipes for meals if you like. 

The community can't sell you alcohol but they can tell you where to buy the closest essentials like cold beer and rum - we recommend bringing as much as your backpack can carry! 

Things to do:

Finca Bellavista Community Map

Given Finca Bellavista's current status, the ideal guest experience would be one of relaxation and getting back in touch with nature. The homes are spread out far and wide offering complete privacy with nothing but the jungle and all it's magic surrounding you. Exploring the river, playing in the waterfall and looking for wildlife on the many trails will keep you active when not enjoying a good book on your private balcony. The homes advertised for rent through this website will be available to explore (if not being rented) and the onsite volunteers are always up for community based activities.

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