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We understand when it comes to maintaining that Airbnb score - we pride ourselves on ours 😀. If you make your booking on Airbnb then please be sure to let us know if we can order any of the onsite services on your behalf


Sorry, we're fully booked for 2021 but we've opened the calendar  for  2022 up until August - please use the availability calendar above.

Recent cancelation!! last slot for 2021: 17th July - 23rd July 2021

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Your 'meet and greet' hosts, Bryan and Jess will arrange an arrival time with you and meet you at the base of the mountain on the main road. You can follow behind them for the last 3km (4 x 4) to the Finca Bellavista community car park.  From there they will escort you on foot to the home.

Service included in the reservation price. Click here for more info.

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Your very own private nighthike, with Bryan Chacon. Want to know what's making that sound outside? Bring a flashlight and Bryan can show you! Explore your section of the jungle with a personal tour, pick up and drop up at your own cabin. Service available to book at time of reservation. 


A Finca Fresh bag harvested the day of your arrival, courtesy of Felo Zuniga.  Felo has been growing the Finca Bellavista communities food for over 12 years. Since the closure of the property management company, he has providing food from his personal gardens. Service available to book at time of reservation. Click here for more info.

Additional Services: Once you have confirmed your booking, you will be put in touch with your 'meet and greet' hosts, Bryan and Jess. They can provide additional services such as setting up 3rd party excursions, personal taxi rides and grocery store delivery to the community every Sunday. 

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The Fusion Home is not a property management company and takes no responsibility for your stay at Finca Bellavista. We are assisting our fellow neighbors by providing a booking platform - it is your responsibility to make sure you have read and understood all the information found through 'The Fusion Forum' as well as reviewing all information once the request of dates is made. If you have questions, please ask them in the forum. 

Once you have confirmed and submitted your dates, you will have 24 hours to review all the information / cancelation policy / liability waivers etc before payment is required. If payment is not received within 24 hours, your selected dates will automatically be released. Full refunds on all rentals up until 7 days prior to check-in date. 

If you would like to leave a review, comment or suggestion then please do so within the owners personal profile or the community's tripadvisor account. Your experience is not associated in anyway with 'The Fusion Home' and we respectively ask you to keep it seperate.

we're a community!

of sorts

The community is comprised of private owners, work exchange applicants and guests from all over the world with one common interest - living in harmony with nature and ourselves peacefully. 

We have lived within the Finca Bellavista community for nearly a decade and have come to know some wonderful people from all over the world and not just owners, we have met amazing volunteers and guests who have become life time friends and in some cases, more than friends.


During our time here, we have personally discovered just what community means to us, it doesn't mean we are living with each other on a daily basis or singing kumbaya around the fire pit every night (although once a week is fun). It's about being there for each other when it counts and respecting that we are all unique in our own way.

At any given time, one of our neighbors could be touring on the Amazon, Solimoes, Negro and Branco rivers, taking a famous Nat Geo photo or discovering a new species halfway around the world, sometimes even on our own doorstep. When traveling, we often see a book on display at the airport or a photo in a magazine, even a video on the news taken by one of our neighbors from the UK, Slovakia, Poland, South Africa, Canada, America, Holland to name a few and we've met volunteers and guests from every corner of the earth. Not once has the issue of politics, religion or something just 'different' ever been an issue, when you enter the gates of Finca Bellavista you are at peace with nature, you are home for as long as you need and when you travel, you have a home to visit in every country. This community is not just a network of friends and family, it's a way of life. 

There is plenty of natural nature based activities to do within the community of Finca Bellavista such as exploring the property, searching for wildlife on the many internal trails, swimming in the river or playing under the waterfalls. The home is fully equipped to keep you entertained and self-sufficient. Finca Bellavista is the perfect place to unwind and get back in touch with nature.

If you want to explore outside of the community then there's plenty to do. The Costa Rica southern zone is one of the most biologically diverse and complex ecosystem in the world.

Finca Bellavista Community Map

Vast amounts of undisturbed rainforests comprise much of the Costa Rica southern zone. For surfers, adventure seekers and ecologically minded people, it is an ideal place. Visitors can enjoy eco-adventures, yoga retreats, surfing and down time. It’s a place people come to in order to escape the high stress lifestyle of the modern cities.

Be sure to check 'The Fusion Forum' for tips and suggestions on where to purchase produce, what restaurants we recommend or what recipes we suggest preparing in the home. In some cases, you can have items delivered to your home.