Finca Bellavista

Finca Bellavista is a self-sustaining tree-house community in Costa Rica encompassing 600 acres (2.4 km2) of rainforest. It was founded in 2007.[1] The property is owned by Crested Beauty, S.A, which sells lots of between two and 5 acres (20,000 m2) to the general public, in which a stilt house or tree house may be built. Residents are required to purchase a biodigester [2] As of 2016, Finca Bellavista attracts 5,000 visitors a year[3]

Frequently asked questions about 'The Finca Bellavista Community'

Why is no one responding to the Finca Bellavista website or social media accounts?

The property management company that was operating reservations shut down in March of 2020. The official Finca Bellavista website has not been updated since the closure and the contact information displayed is incorrect. We and other owners within the community have requested that they put a note up or redirect the website but unfortunately our requests are ignored. Currently the only place to rent a home within the community is this website or through Airbnb. While the website is still active, the email server is down and the contact information goes to 'Vacasa' who is no longer assisting the former property management company. You cannot book or contact anyone through the official website or any of it's social media accounts.

Why is there currently no property managment company?

This is a complicated question to answer as there are many variables but ultimately tension between the co-founders continued to grow year after year until sadly their interpersonal relationship spilled over into operations. Combined assets which include basecamp, the houses at basecamp (La Torre Luna, Casa del Sol and Casa Estrella), the communal gardens and remaining lots have all been sealed off to the community and are now considered private property. Visitors (including residents) of the community are not allowed to access these areas. The co-founders are dealing with their differances in court and until that is resolved, no property management company can operate given that the communal areas are jointly owned by both of them. We and the rest of the community hope that the situation is resolved as soon as possible. A handful of residents and former employees of the community have found workarounds so some areas of the community can still be accessed (including parking for residents and guests). All the tree homes outside of basecamp are privately owned and guests can still enjoy the Finca Bellavista experience by renting these homes direct from the owner, currently these homes include: El Fenix Fila Tortuga Perezosa Casa Paraiso Tamandua Mariposa The Fusion Home

Why are only some of the homes available to rent?

We have only assisted tree house owners who have asked for help. The same applies to the former Finca Bellavista employees. We would happily share our website with all tree home owners but we are not actively seeking them out as we have no interest in being a property management company. That said, any tree home owner needing help is welcome. More rentals equals more opportunities for the former Finca Bellavista employees. All the owners of the tree homes advertised on The Fusion Home website are responsible for their own homes - we just help organize everything through the use of our site. We do not take a cut from any of the services and the maintenance/cleaning for our neighbors properties are handled directly by the owner. Any purchases made through The Fusion Home website (other than renting The Fusion Home itself) goes directly to the tree home owners PayPal account.

How do we contact the owner of the home we want to rent?

There is no need to contact the owner of any of our neighbors homes in order to make a booking. They do not live in Costa Rica and rely on the former staff currently assisting to prepare the homes. Information is sent to you automatically when preparing for your stay at Finca Bellavista. If you find you still want to get in contact, then there are 2 options to do so: Prior to booking: The Fusion Forum (Finca Bellavista Category) If you want to talk to an owner prior to booking a stay then you can find them inside ' The Fusion Forum'. In order to ask questions or leave comments you have to be member of the forum (this is not by design but rather how the wix forum operates). Signing up is free and also gives you the ability to talk with former guests and volunteers as well as onsite residents. Be sure to tag the owner of the home into your question for direct responses. After booking: Once a booking payment is confirmed, you will receive a 'payment confirmation' email. Responding to this email will go directly to the owner of the rental homes private email. We try to cover as much information through our website and send additional info once a booking is requested. The booking platform holds the requested dates for 24 hours allowing you to review all the information prior to making payment. If payment is not received within the 24 hour window then the dates are released and no further action is required. Please be sure to read all information prior to contacting the owner. For more information on the booking procedure, please click here.

Is it safe to stay at Finca Bellavista?

Short answer: With common sense in mind, yes! Long answer (and things you should know!) : *There is no shop, restaurant, office or dedicated staff onsite to assist you (other than your meet and greet hosts who will escort you to the home). If you are not comfortable staying on your own in the jungle then we do not recommend booking any of the homes available to rent privately at Finca Bellavista.

*If you do not like bugs, snakes, hiking to and from the car park to get to your rental, lack of phone signal and/or internet then we do not recommend staying at Finca Bellavista (The Fusion Home / Tamandua does offer a mobile hotspot connection strong enough to stream Netflix/youtube etc).

* We highly recommend (insist) that all guests wear boots or wellies, at the very least, closed toed shoes are a must. You are coming to the rainforest in one of the world's most biodiverse places, it must be respected to ensure for a good experience. In order to explore the grounds, all residents/owners and guests need to sign a liability waiver before arriving onsite - you will receive a link in your payment confirmation email and it can be filled out digitally in less than 2 minutes.

Personal note: We have lived within the Finca Bellavista community for a nearly a decade, we would not stay here if it was not safe. Since the inception of the community (2006) there has never been a documented bite or serious accident, most slips happen in the river as the rocks can be slippery. If you are respectful of the jungle, wear your boots, carry a flashlight and some common sense, you will be just fine and share in an experience like no other.

What services are available at Finca Bellavista?

MEET AND GREET: Any guest of the private rentals coming to Finca Bellavista enjoy a complimentary ' meet and greet' service. Former tree home owner and Finca Bellavista employees, Bryan and Jess will make sure you arrive safely to the community. After escorting you to the car park, they will escort you on foot to the home and double check everything is in good working order before leaving you to enjoy your slice of jungle paradise. TAXI SERVICE: If you would like additional escorts to and from the community, external tour arrangements or taxi service then you can arrange these direct with Bryan and Jess. Contact information is provided at the time of booking. Current destinations/locations include: Finca Bellavista to or from Palmar: $60.00 Finca Bellavista to or from Uvita: $100.00 Finca Bellavista to or from Parque Corcovado: $150.00 Finca Bellavista to or from Drake: $150.00 Finca Bellavista to or from Dominical: $115.00 Finca Bellavista to or from San Isidro: $200.00 Finca Bellavista to or from San Vito: $100.00 Finca Bellavista to or from Golfito aeropuerto: $60.00 Finca Bellavista to or from Canoas: $70.00 Finca Bellavista to or from Puerto Jiménez: $100.00 FINCA FRESH BAGS: Farm to table style service, straight from former Finca Bellavista's Head Gardeners personal gardens. Felo Zuniga started working at Finca Bellavista the day it opened and has been the inspiration behind 'Finca Fresh' bags, communial gardens and all food production. Felo's personal gardens are very impressive, rivaling even the communitys gardens. Felo will pick the produce the day of your arrival and make sure it's waiting for you on the kitchen counter. He offers 3 styles of produce bags and they can be ordered at the time of booking or through the owner of your rental home. Click here for more information. GROCERY DELIVERY: This service is better suited for long-term rentals and personally speaking, its amazing! Every Saturday morning, preordered groceries are delivered to the communal gardens. If you spend more than C20,000.00 then delivery is free. This was a Godsend for those pesky coronavirus days! You can arrange this directly with your meet and greet hosts or feel free to reach out directly on the Pulpería Maria Fernanda facebook page. The community is constantly evolving, especially given in current status. While the future is uncertain, there are some amazing residents, private owners and former employees that will never let the spirit of Finca Bellavista fade. You can find them all within the Fusion Forum, we encourage you to sign up (its free) and discover more about whats happening in real time.

Can you still buy property at Finca Bellavista?

Yes you can :) New sales are not available as the remaining lots are jointly owned by the co-founders but there are plenty privately owned lots and properties for sale. More than half the 96 lots that comprise Finca Bellavista are privately owned. There are some incredible deals at the moment. Almost all property owners are foreign to Costa Rica and the property management company was a big factor in their decision to make purchase. These homes were maintained and paid for themselves when not needing it for personal use. Sadly, these homes are now just sitting vacant and only earning expenses to keep the jungle from taking over. You can find more information through the forum: Live off the grid On a personal note: We do not recommend purchase for ROI. This is a magical place and even though you can rent privately (as we and other owners are), given its current state, we highly suggest if purchasing to do it for the lifestyle as a primary motive.

Can you still volunteer at Finca Bellavista?

Unfortunately the volunteer program was shut down along with the property management company back in March of 2020. The bunkhouse is also situated within basecamp which is now off limits to guests and residents of the community. The volunteer program was what we considered the heart of Finca Bellavista, we have seen it shape and change so many peoples lives, ourselves included. Both my wife and I started our journey at Finca Bellavista as volunteers, myself in 2012 and Amy in 2014. Even though there is no bunkhouse, you might find a few owners willing to do a deal. We encourage you to join the forum and offer trade for stays. You never know, there are owners looking for help with social media, homes needing a new coat of paint etc. Signing up to the forum is free and easy, it will also put you in direct contact with the owners. You can find the owners home profiles here.