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Finca Bellavista (pre-2020)

Finca Bellavista is a self-sustaining tree-house community in Costa Rica encompassing 600 acres (2.4 km2) of rainforest. It was founded in 2007.[1] The property is owned by Crested Beauty, S.A, which sells lots of between two and 5 acres (20,000 m2) to the general public, in which a stilt house or tree house may be built. Residents are required to purchase a biodigester [2] As of 2016, Finca Bellavista attracts 5,000 visitors a year[3]

Finca Bellavista (post-2020)

In March of 2020, the property management company ceased to operate and closed down basecamp and other communal properties within the community. Traditionally, residents/owners and guests of the community used basecamp to park and secure safe access across the river. Access to homes is now only accessible by crossing the river on foot.

The Fusion Home has always rented privately and given that we live at Finca Bellavista, not much changed for us. We are the only owners of a rental home that lives permanently at Finca Bellavista while other owners relied on the former property management company to rent and maintain their homes.  When the company closed, we offered to share our website with other private rental owners of the community for the purpose of providing relevant and up to date information as well as being a platform for bookings. Visitors wanting to visit Finca Bellavista can rent a selection of tree homes directly from the owner by either booking through this website or via Airbnb. 

Despite the community having no office, restaurant, onsite staff or services, it still offers an incredible unique experience. With that said, the jungle is not for everyone, please do your research before booking and please feel free to ask the community questions directly by joining the Fusion Forum. 


  • Where is Finca Bellavista located?
    Finca Bellavista is located within the Southern Zone (on the Pacific Coast side of Costa Rica) in the Piedras Blancas area of the Osa region. The community is 3 kilometers east of the InterAmericana highway (4×4 required), between the cities of Palmar Norte and Rio Claro. Exact directions are sent upon reservation.
  • Why is no one responding to the Finca Bellavista website or social media accounts?
    The property management company that was operating reservations shut down in March of 2020. The official Finca Bellavista website has not been updated since the closure and the contact information displayed is incorrect. You cannot book or contact anyone through the official website nor any of their social media accounts. Currently the only place to rent a home within the community is on this page or through Airbnb. The information displayed on the Finca Bellavista website is outdated and incorrect. Please use the Fusion Forum for up to date info and please note that basecamp, onsite services, food services and tours are not available.
  • Is it safe to stay at Finca Bellavista?
    Short answer: With common sense in mind, yes! The experience is similar to camping but instead of tents, you are staying in a private tree home which can be best described as glamping. Long answer: (and things you should know!) *There is no shop, restaurant, office or dedicated staff onsite to assist you (other than your meet and greet hosts who will escort you to the home). If you or your party are not comfortable staying on your own in the jungle then we do not recommend renting any homes at Finca Bellavista. *If you do not like bugs, snakes, hiking to and from the car park to get to your rental, lack of phone signal and/or internet then we do not recommend staying at Finca Bellavista (The Fusion Home / Tamandua does offer a mobile hotspot connection strong enough to stream Netflix/youtube etc). * We highly recommend (insist) that all visitors wear boots or wellies, at the very least, closed toed shoes are a must. You are coming to the rainforest in one of the world's most biodiverse places, it must be respected to ensure for a good experience. In order to explore the grounds, all residents/owners and guests need to sign a liability waiver before arriving onsite - you will receive a link in your payment confirmation email and it can be filled out digitally in less than 2 minutes. Personal note: We have lived within the Finca Bellavista community for a nearly a decade, we would not stay here if it was not safe. Since the inception of the community (2006) there has never been a documented snake bite or serious accident. Most mishaps happen in the river as the rocks can be slippery. If you are respectful of the jungle, wear your boots, carry a flashlight and use common sense, you will be just fine and share in an experience like no other. *We recommend coming with your own 4x4 vehicle for any emergencies
  • Is the water safe to drink and where does it come from?
    The drinking water is collected from mountain springs and are gravity feed to rental owners private water tanks. Rainwater catchment can be used for toilets, plunge pools and garden irrigation.
  • How is the waste for the rental homes handled?
    Toilets: Each home has a biodigester that is similar to a septic system, and breaks down waste anaerobically. Waste paper needs to go into the provided trash can instead of being flushed down the toilet. Trash: A trash bin is provided for general rubbish which can either be left in the home, in the provided crates outside the home or in the receptacle found at the car park. Please ensure the trash is secure to avoid complications with wildlife. Compost: Prior to the closure of the basecamp and other areas owned by the co-founders, we could take our compost to the communal gardens. Unfortunately this area like basecamp is now private property. If the compost consists of fruit and veg food scraps then we recommend doing what current residents, a jungle toss. We recommend taking it as far away from the home as possible.
  • How big is Finca Bellavista?
    Prior to the closure of the property management company, Finca Bellavista as a whole comprised close to 600 acres in total landmass. The residential community portion of the project is 140 acres, subdivided in to individual parcels. It is unclear what the future holds for the land surrounding the 140 acres as the project is now for sale. The residential portion consists of over 50 private owners out of the available 96 parcels. Owners are now adapting to a residential lifestyle with the option of renting out their homes privately or selling their investments.
  • How do we contact the owner of the home we want to rent?
    Most owners purchased land at Finca Bellavista to build their dream off-grid sanctuary away from the hustle and bustle of everyday modern life. They never intended to manage a private rental. At the time of investing, the former property management company provided a means to maintain and earn the owners revenue when the home was not being used. The Fusion Home is assisting its neighbors by providing as much information relevant to the rental homes through the Fusion Forum. All owners of the rental homes available on the Fusion Home website are members of the forum. You can ask the community questions directly as well as post questions specific to the rental in the owners personal profiles. Please note that you have to sign up to the forum in order to post questions or message other members. It's free and simple to sign up.
  • Can you still buy property at Finca Bellavista?
    Yes you can and there are some incredible deals at the moment. Almost all current property owners are foreign to Costa Rica and the former property management company was a big factor in their decision to make purchase at the time. Most private owners do not have the means to rent privately, nor did they ever intend too. We have seen prices slash to half price and less since the closure of the company. Citizens and non-citizens have the same ownership rights in Costa Rica. You can find more information through the forum: Live off the grid On a personal note: We do not recommend purchase for investments purposes. This is a magical place and even though you can rent privately (as we and other owners are), given that there is currently no property management company in effect, we highly suggest if purchasing to do it for the lifestyle as a primary motive. The ideal situation would be to manage your own rental or to become a resident.
  • Why are only some of the homes available to rent?
    We have only assisted tree house and lot owners who have asked to use our website as a booking platform or to advertise a sale. We are happy to share our website with all owners at Finca Bellavista but we are not actively seeking anyone out as we have no interest in being a property management company. That said, any and all owners wanting to use the Fusion Home website are welcome and only need to get in touch. Payment for any rental other than the Fusion Home goes directly to the owner of the home. The Fusion Home takes no responsibility for the private rentals guests or experience at Finca Bellavista.
  • Can you still volunteer at Finca Bellavista?
    We are currently trying to help create a 'work exchange program' for the busier and drier months of the year (December to end of April). Additional months may be considered depending how the program develops. Successful applicants can stay in 'La Joya' at no cost in exchange for assisting with walk outs and providing fun activities like river and property hikes, BBQ's and social gatherings in vacant tree homes. You can follow along through the onsite activities page. IMPORTANT: There is no property management company or staff onsite. The home that can be used can only accommodate 2 people max and operations are currently passed on by the former work exchange applicants. It is not advised to join the program unless you are highly self motivated and enjoy your own company. Any and all applicants will need to sign a wavier and complete a criminal background check before arriving. Please reach out to the previous applicant via the Fusion Forum for more info.
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