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WARNING: We are a dysfunctional bunch of people that own and rent our properties in the jungle.

This is not your typical Costa Rica work exchange program. For one, it's way more awesome but only if you are comfortable staying on your own in the jungle, there is only one treehome designated to the program (couples welcome and encouraged). Successful applicants will need to be self motivated and have the means to look after themselves (and our guests 😁) as most homeowners do not live in-country.

Other than a non-refundable deposit to book your requested dates (we need some reassurance applicants will arrive and not block dates for other willing and available applicants), there is no charge to stay in the program. This is a straight up trade to stay at a private home within the Finca Bellavista Neighborhood in exchange for assisting the private rental owners. Duties are very relaxed and are focused on guest experience.



There are no onsite staff or services within the Finca Bellavista Neighborhood, applicants need to be self sufficient and self motivated. Having a 4x4 vehicle and phone with its own internet capabilities is a must. 

The position can require a fair amount of hiking with some tree homes being up to a 40 min hike from the car park (well, only one is that far away but best be prepared for all scenarios). Complementary events such as river hikes are encouraged several times a week based on the amount of onsite visitors. We do not recommend the position if you have serious health concerns or do not consider yourself in good physical condition (or don't like hiking!).

Fun activities such as BBQ's alongside the river, hosting games nights in the treehouse, providing yoga (if you know how) are encouraged. You can view past activities by joining the Finca Bellavista onsite activities page found here. Upcoming applicants can also chat direct with current and past work exchange hosts through the Fusion Forum. Duties may include:

  • meeting guests in the car park and escorting them to the rental homes

  • scheduling onsite events such as river hikes, bbqs and other social events

  • arranging external tours / taxis for onsite guests

  • being a friendly face and point of contact for visitors

  • be respectful to the jungle and all its inhabitants 

  • help create an even better work exchange program for the next applicant!




Told you this program was more awesome than others in Costa Rica - welcome to Casa Tranquila. Applicants will get to stay in the home rent free in exchange for guest service duties and of course looking after the home as if it were their own.

The home is situated in the middle of the Neighborhood located on the red trail and receives a decent 3g signal (Kolbi and My liberty), has 2 large balconies with epic jungle views and solar power, making it the perfect spot to assist and host visitors. 

  • main bedroom with queen size bed and ensuite

  • lounge with comfortable seating

  • kitchen with oven and stove top / fridge and freezer

  • Guest toilet with sink

  • computer / workspace area

  • large upper covered balcony with seating and hammock

  • large lower covered balcony (perfect for yoga)

  • ceiling fans in bedroom and lounge

  • selection of board games and table for hosting

  • propane hot water 

  • storage bodega with solar system

Casa Tranquila is roughly a 20 min hike from the car park and centrally located to all the private rentals. It is fully equipped with linens and kitchen supplies. It is however recommended that applicants bring their own bedding as they are responsible for their own comfort. Applicants are also responsible for purchasing propane gas if it runs out, cleaning the solar panels, purchasing gas for the generator (if needed) and maintaining the home as if it were their own. Contacts for maintenance and cleaning will be provided if wanting to outsource but will be at applicant's expense. Bring your own food - water safe to drink!



The Finca Bellavista neighborhood is a very unique place, just like visitors and owners of the community, applicants will have to sign a liability waiver and be physically fit for the adventure. There is no office or onsite staff (maintenance and cleans are outsourced to a private company who do not stay on the property) and the homes are all privately owned. At times, there may be no visitors or owners on site, the position is best suited for people that are comfortable in nature and enjoy the solitude when presented. 

New applicants will have to complete a background check and if a good fit, can come and go based on availability. The goal is to create a fun and stress free program that continues to improve for all involved. It is perfect for those interested in becoming residents of the community, owners who have already purchased land but not yet built, people who want to experience the jungle/off-grid living, guests who want to spend longer time onsite on a budget or for those that simply love nature and want to take a break from the norm. 

The Fusion Home website is a place for private owners to share information, manage their listings and provide accurate and up to date information about the Finca Bellavista Neighborhood. Decisions are made as a community and applicants come at their own risk. They do not represent the Fusion Home nor is the Fusion Home responsible for your stay or experience.

Past and current applicants can connect through the forum, share tips, ideas and suggestions and create handovers.

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