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Cabina Colibri is a studio style cabina nestled in the rainforest. This cabina features a kitchenette, a full-sized bed, a hot water shower, and a spacious gazebo lounge perfect for birdwatching. There is no electricity or refrigeration in this cabin. Please consider that this cabina is a 15 minute hike from the car park in your planning. The access trails at Finca Bellavista are gravel and rock, very inclined and rustic. Pack light!

Short-term rate (2 people max): $50.00 per night 

Weekly rate (2 people max): $200.00 per week

Monthly rate (28 nights / 2 people): $750.00 per month


All available to rent private homes within the community are currently only available on Airbnb.

Please be sure to follow all Airbnb instructions as they may differ from this website.

You can speak directly to the owner and host via Airbnb.

Pura vida ✌️

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Property description CDC
  • The home offers a studio style bedroom with a queen sized bed.


  • There is no additional sleeping space and the max capacity is 2 people

  • The home has no electricity - please bring light if needed

  • The property is a 15 min walk from the river and a 20 min walk from the waterfall

  • Colibri is situated on the red trail - this is a pedestrian community and the road can have lose rocks and be slippery. We highly recommend bringing comfortable boots (wellies) for a better experience.

  • The home has a toilet with shower and hot running water (propane water heater)

  • The kitchen has a gas stovetop but no oven. 

Communication CDC


There is no office on the property or onsite staff. The community is made up of private home owners, residents, work exchange applicants and guests.

There is also no phone signal coming up the road to Finca Bellavista or at the car park so a time to meet with a member of the community needs to be prearranged. Once a booking is confirmed, you will be able to share your arrival day through the Fusion Forum where a member of the community will make themselves available to meet you.

Once you have been introduced to an available community member, you will be able to update them directly should your travel day or arrival time change. Once onsite, they will escort you to my home and ensure everything is operational and comfortable before leaving you to enjoy Colibri. 


You are welcome to sign up to the Fusion Forum before making a booking, it's free to do so and you can ask questions directly to the community


Additionally, you can find information on living off-grid, property for sale and general information about the Finca Bellavista community and surrounding area.

Additional Info CDC


Kathleen - Colibri.jpeg

Kathleen Lumiere is a core faculty member in the Department of Acupuncture and East Asian Medicine at Bastyr University, and the director of the post-graduate doctoral program. She teaches in both the masters and doctoral programs, provides clinical training and patient care. Kathleen's academic and clinical interests include electroacupuncture, Chinese dietary therapy, adjunctive cancer care, immunity, emotional issues, menopause, stroke rehabilitation, and pediatric/adult medicine.

Kathleen believes healing is an educative process that involves understanding how disharmonies of the body/mind occur and learning more rewarding ways to live. She holds that, as an ever-evolving result of hundreds of years of therapeutic adaptation, traditional Chinese medicine offers a congruent philosophy and practical means to achieve greater health.

Purchased in April 2014, Kathleen is the second proud owner of this Finca Bellavista Jungalow.


You are welcome to cancel with a full refund up until 5 days prior to your check-in date. A 50% refund (minus the first night and service fee) is available up until 12.00 noon the day of your check in. 

All guests must sign a digital liability waiver before arriving onsite, you cannot explore the property or take part in any onsite activities unless this is completed.


Finca Bellavista is located in the Central American country of Costa Rica, in the Southern Zone (on the Pacific Coast side). The Finca Bellavista community is 3 kilometers east of the InterAmericana Highway, near the town of Piedras Blancas (in between the cities of Palmar Norte and Rio Claro).

You can also find me by typing 'Colibri - Finca Bellavista' into google maps but be sure to message your 'meet and greet' host before departing as they can drop a location pin on whatsapp.


If you would rather book through Airbnb then you can find me there. Please note however that the check in procedure is the same and I have to charge 15% more to cover Airbnb's service charge. 

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