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Onsite activities (only available when work exchange applicants are onsite)

Welcome to current onsite events and activities - proudly brought to you via the 'Work Exchange Program'.

In order to sign up to any event and/or group pages, you will need to be an upcoming guest and member of 'The Fusion Forum'. Sign up is free, quick and easy. 

Please note: All events are subject to availability and not part of your rental experience. This is an additional service provided by work exchange applicants onsite specifically designed to enhance onsite experiences whether you are an owner, resident or guest at the Finca Bellavista neighborhood. All events are complementary unless stated otherwise and are all at your own risk - The Fusion Home takes no responsibility for events had onsite by any party but will most likely be participating 😃

Upcoming Events:

No events at the moment

Onsite activities group:

Please join the group below for up to date information, past events, pictures and videos. Members can chat directly to the event organizers, ask questions and leave comments/feedback/photos. Signing up is free but you will need your booking confirmation number for access. 

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