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Gas cooktop

4 rings

electric ignition

Farmhouse sink

Hot running water

Coffee maker

complimentary coffee


Cooking essentials 







Suspended shelving



Full utensils



cups etc.

Gas / Electric oven

biogas / propane




Teak Cabinetry

hot running water

push/pop tech

The Kitchen

A beautiful space that lets your cooking imagination run wild. less than 20 sec from one of our 3 organic gardens, cooking fresh healthy food has never been this easy.

A gas stove top and oven, along with an adequate selection of cooking utensils help create perfectly cooked family meals.

Enjoy complimentary coffee using the famous 'costa rican' coffee sock system and compliment your favorite meals with a generous selection of spices and sauces.

THe kitchen was custom made onsite using responsibly sourced teak. Just lightly push the drawer/cupboard to open or close



Level 2

The lobby

A welcoming space after you've just completed your short 10 min hike to the home.


As you open front the door (wondering what you've gotten yourself into) you are greeted by the spectacular views through the large screen windows and sliding doors pouring sunlight into the space.

the coolness radiating from the porcelain floors make you feel like you are walking into an airconditioned room.

A welcoming cold glass of water and chilled scented refreshing face cloth are waiting for you. 


although our dog 'mj' will most likely be with you (we walk all our guests to the home), he will not be staying (sorry).  

MJ's House

Harry Potter fan

(does not come with the house)


Porcelain flooring

ceramic throughout house

30 HD prints

keeps house cool

1.7 meters long


complimentary drinks

extra for good reviews 

LED dimmable lights 

Smart home technology


warm glow


Daewoo Fridge / Freezer 

Push door for easy access 

Ice maker

Bar fridge

Eco fridge

Family games


board games 

Custom built dining table and chairs

made onsite

Aeratron fan

Uses less energy to run for 24hrs than it does to charge your mobile phone

Teak ceilings

matching custom teak finishes throughout the entire house 

Boruca mask

small and large decorated throughout the house


Cat Coquillette prints

Costa Rica Inspired Art


whether your sitting down to a meal with friends and/or family or catching up on the computer, this space has everything you need to do it in comfort and style.

Although the home already benefits from awesome natural breezes, there is a sleek modern fan overhead for that extra comfort (you are on holiday after all).

A decent wi-fi connection and 3G signal will keep you online (this is the very spot the website is created from) and a selection of games/cards are available to keep you entertained.

Don't forget to look outside though as you will miss out on the incredible bird life and if you're lucky you will see the monkeys that swing through from time to time. 

Dining room