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The Fusion Home just found it's gas!

Updated: Sep 19, 2019

We are proud to share this incredible modern sustainable solution, we were so excited when we discovered this that we bought one almost right away! How does turning waste into gas and fertilizer, creating an in-house cycle of energy sound? To us, it sounded like 'O hell yeah'. Watch and read more below, you won't be disapponted.

HomeBiogas is a family-sized affordable biogas system. It converts any organic waste into clean cooking gas and a high quality liquid fertilizer for the garden. Your kitchen leftovers can turn into 3 hours of cooking per day. You’ll be cooking dinner with the gas produced from lunch’s leftovers. Pretty amazing, right?

HomeBiogas maintains a closed-loop eco-cycle: organic waste turns into energy and a liquid fertilizer byproduct which enables us to produce more food thus maintaining the critical cycle of life. Know exactly where your energy is coming from and where it’s going.

Many of us have tried to reduce the damage being done to our planet, but without addressing the larger issues, it often feels like a drop in the bucket.

This is a small product with a big impact.

By significantly reducing the damage caused by untreated organic waste, including air pollution, water contamination and the use of fossil fuels for energy, HomeBiogas systems respond to some of our most pressing environmental challenges today.

Biogas is a renewable fuel that is produced by the decomposition of organic matter in an environment absent of oxygen. Biogas is made up of several gases, primarily methane (CH4 ) and carbon dioxide (CO2), which can be stored and directed for cooking.

- Up to 6 liters a day of any food waste, including meat and dairy

- Up to 15 liters a day of animal manure.

  • These amounts are the maximum per day, but even one third of the quantity is enough to produce your daily gas consumption.

On average, 1 Kg / 2.2 pounds of food waste produces about 200 liters or 7 Cubic feet of gas, which generates around one hour of cooking over a high flame. Therefore, at 6 liters / in 1.58 gallons of food scraps, one can generate 1-3 hours of cooking gas each day - the perfect amount for three meals.

Each year that you use HomeBiogas, you eliminate one ton of organic waste, and reduce harmful emissions equivalent to six tons of carbon dioxide (CO2).

Using HomeBiogas can offset your car’s carbon emissions!

That means that each year you use HomeBiogas you are reversing the hazardous greenhouse gases that your car emits.

1 HomeBiogas + 1 car = 0 carbon

The Fusion Home is planning to use this incredible solution to heat up water and provide gas for cooking. We were fortunate enough to grab a 'super early bird special' and paid $890.00 plus shipping for the whole system (due to be delivered in May). Thats 40% off the retail price - The team reached their $100,000.00 target in less than 24hrs!

If your quick enough you can still buy an 'early bird special' at $945.00 plus shipping on indiegogo

You can also view more information on their website

The Fusion Home would like to say a big Thank you to the HomeBioGas Team and a massive congratulations for all their hard efforts, you truly have created something amazing.


Amy and I are currently State side hoping to pick up and bring back the Biogas system (originally due in May but the company ran into some delays).

We have come with one of our 'Tico' staff members, head carpenter at Finca Bellavista - Jesus Amado. This is Jesus's first time out of the country and first time on a plane!

The trip has been awesome so far. We hope to be back in Costa Rica with the Biogas System on the 5th of August.

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