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New “Wind Tree” Generates Power Even When There Is Very Little Wind!

Next time you are sitting in a city park, you might find yourself surrounded by some unusual trees. The ‘Wind Tree’ is made of a steel trunk and mini turbine plastic leaves and it’s designed to harness energy from even the slightest of breezes.

French start-up company New Wind says it’s silent but powerful windmill should appeal to those opposed to the noise and size of more traditional wind turbines. The founder of New Wind says it works even when there is hardly any wind at all.

”The main advantage of our technology is that it works with a very small input of energy and turbulent energy so it will work with only 2 metres per second of wind whereas other machines need 4 or 5 seconds of wind to get going. This means we can produce energy over more days in the year.”

How perfect would this be for the Fusion Home!

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