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Generate cheap, green electricity from sunlight with solar roof tiles

Alternative energy has become a lot cheaper than it used to be when the public was presented to it. But still, nowadays solar panels are hardly the aesthetically pleasing objects we want them to be. When you think of photovoltaic systems automatically your mind goes to those large panels, which are so awkwardly installed on rooftops. Although the environmental impact of those are practically zero, their architectural impact is not similar! That’s why you should definitely consider the innovative photovoltaic tiles, like these featured here. They are made from natural clay or slate slabs and have small solar panels applied to the flat side facing the sun. They are easy to install and have a high enough energy yield. There are also transparent solar shingles, which have an even less aesthetic impact. They are weather resistant and have similar characteristics to traditional tiles, with the only difference being the material: Plexiglas or PMMA, that allow a 90% passage of natural light. Check them out!

We haven't been able to find the source for these tiles. They could potentially be a good fit for 'The Fusion Home" depending on their capabilities.

If anyone has any info then please comment below.

Pura Vida!

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