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Mariposa | Finca Bellavista

Casa Mariposa is an ultra spacious arboreal home that is located on a sprawling 2.64 acre jungle parcel in the Finca Bellavista neighborhood. This one-level home, constructed in 2009, measures in at 1,290 square feet and is perched between two gigantic host trees - a Pilon tree and a Vaco tree. Solar power provides lights and refrigeration. 

Why we love it - open floor plan with great kitchen, spacious balcony, secluded.

  • The home offers a private main bedroom with a queen sized bed.


  • Additional sleeping space with bunk beds are available.

  • The home has its own solar power system adequate enough for lights, a small fridge and charging of small devices. 

  • The property is a 30 min hike from the look out point known as 'La Punta' (not maintained).

  • Mariposa is situated on the red trail and is a 30 min hike from the car park, we highly recommend bringing comfortable boots (wellies) for a better experience.

  • The home has a toilet with shower and hot running water (propane water heater).

  • The kitchen has a gas stovetop and oven. 

  • Please remember this is a pedestrian community and guests/residents cannot drive to the homes - it is important to pack accordingly.

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A complimentary 3pm late check out is available for 1 night rentals. 

Home is prepared for arrival, local residents 'Bryan and/or Jess' will meet you at the base of the mountain and escort you to the house. A complimentary mid-clean is available on the 4th day of every weekly rental. Weekly rate will NOT activate if more than 2 guests are selected or less than 7 days.


Home is prepared for arrival. This is a tenant style option where you can rent the home privately for one month (28 nights) subject to availability. The owners of Mariposa require at least 7 days prior notice to prepare the home, you will be given a contact for onsite maintenance and cleaning services. Monthly rate will NOT activate if more than 2 guests are selected or less than 28 nights.

If you would rather book through Airbnb then you can find me there. Please note however that the check in procedure is the same and I have to charge 15% more to cover Airbnb's service charge. 

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Your 'meet and greet' hosts, Bryan and Jess will arrange an arrival time with you and meet you at the base of the mountain on the main road. You can follow behind them for the last 3km (4 x 4) to the Finca Bellavista community car park. From there they will escort you on foot to the home. Service included in the reservation price.


A Finca Fresh bag harvested the day of your arrival, courtesy of Felo Zuniga.  Felo has been growing the Finca Bellavista communities food for over 12 years. Since the closure of the property management company, he has providing food from his personal gardens. Service available to book at time of reservation. Click here for more info.

Additional Services: Once you have confirmed your booking, you will be put in touch with your 'meet and greet' hosts, Bryan and Jess. They can provide additional services such as setting up 3rd party excursions, taxi rides and grocery store delivery to the community every Saturday. 


Meet the owners

Graham and Corinne have been long time residents of the Finca Bellavista community. Annual trips to the treehome with friends and family have dubbed them the nickname 'The Treehouse Family'. Built in 2009, Casa Mariposa was the 4th treehome constructed at Finca Bellavista. It has long time been considered a family favorite by guests given it's generous space and large kitchen.

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Graham Harmer is currently working at Stantec Consulting, Ltd as a Principal/Senior Project Manager. With over 30+ years of project management and operations leadership across multiple sectors, Graham is a well seasoned engineering professional. 
Corinne grew up with a treehouse on their family property.  She named this grown-up version “Casa Mariposa” because of the spectacular blue morpho butterflies that frequent the open area around the large deck. She could recognize no tropical birds when they built the treehouse but is delighted to be learning to identify parrots, hummingbirds, toucans and other wildlife that visit daily.

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About your booking

The Fusion Home is not a property management company and takes no responsibility for your stay at Finca Bellavista. We are assisting our fellow neighbours by providing a booking platform - it is your responsibility to make sure you have read and understood all the information found through 'The Fusion Forum' as well as reviewing all information once the booking is made. If you have questions, please ask them in the forum. Once you have confirmed and submitted your dates, you will have 24 hours to review all the information / cancelation policy / liability waivers etc before payment is required. If payment is not received within 24 hours, your selected dates will automatically be released. More info here

If you would like to leave a review, comment or suggestion then please do so within the owners personal profile or the community's tripadvisor account. Your experience is not associated in anyway with 'The Fusion Home' and we respectively ask you to keep it seperate. Payments made for homes other than 'The Fusion Home' go directly to the owner of the home you are renting and you will be put in direct contact with the owner once the booking is confirmed.

each home is different - find your zen!

The Fusion Home

The Fusion Home

Pool, projector, sunset views. solar power, 15 min walk

El Fenix

El Fenix

Waterfall, cosy, solar power, green trail, 15 min walk

Fila Tortuga

Fila Tortuga

Romantic, hardwoods, private, deep in the jungle

Casa Perezosa

Casa Perezosa

Closest home on the red trail, spacious, king size bed, no power

Casa Tamandua

Casa Tamandua

Modern, stunning views, spacious, solar power

Casa Paraiso

Casa Paraiso

Perfect for families, close proximity to car park and waterfall, solar power...

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If you are interested in renting 'The Fusion Home' then please note that only 1 week rentals are available at this time. For shorter or longer rentals at Finca Bellavista, please consider this home or others available to book on this website.

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