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Casa de Leon at Finca Bellavista is every eco tourist's dream! This three-level treehouse in the heart of the lush jungle is deep within the community and reserved for those who want serious privacy. Features include a comfortable sleeping loft over the main living area, a well-equipped kitchenette with everything you need to whip up tasty snacks and meals.

Wake up every morning to breathtaking views of the Rio Piedras Blancas corridor. This treehouse is a 45 minute hike from basecamp, pack light! Please take into consideration that this lovely treehouse does not have electricity or refrigeration.

  • The home offers a private main bedroom with a king sized bed.


  • Additional sleeping space with queen size futon can be found in the living space. 

  • The home does NOT have electricity and NO refrigeration.

  • The property is a 10 min - 15 min walk from basecamp. This is a pedestrian community only - please pack light.

  • Casa Perezosa is situated on the red trail (FBV's internal road). The road is made up of loose rock - please remember boots.

  • The home has 1.5 bathrooms with shower and toilet downstairs and toilet upstairs - it has hot water.

  • The kitchen has a gas stovetop with oven. A full list of inventory can be found here. 

  • Given Casa Perezosa's proximity to basecamp, you should be able to carry a cooler box  😉.

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Home is prepared for arrival, local residents 'Bryan and/or Jess' will meet you at the base of the mountain and escort you to the house. A complimentary mid-clean is available on the 4th day of every week.

Weekly rate will NOT activate if more than 2 guests are selected or less than 7 nights.


A refreshing jungle vacation, relax and enjoy the home, private hiking trails, river and waterfalls. Spend the day searching for wildlife, swimming under the waterfall in the river followed by a relaxing evening/sunset from the home before a comfortable night's sleep surrounded by the sounds of the jungle. Explore the surrounding area:​​

Home is prepared for arrival. This is a tenant style option where you can rent the home privately in monthly intervals - minimum 1 month (28 nights) subject to availability. The owner of Casa de Leon requires at least 7 days prior notice to prepare the home, you will be given a contact for onsite maintenance and cleaning services.

Monthly rate will NOT activate if more than 2 guests are selected or less than 28 nights.


An extended break from the 'real world' and an opportunity to get back to your roots with help from mother nature. Highly recommended if thinking about living off-grid or purchasing property at 'Finca Bellavista' / the surrounding area. Discover more information about off-grid living and properties for sale:


Meet the owner

Josh Smalley is an international educator, currently residing full time in Ethiopia. Josh teaches Literature, photography, and journalism. He traveled all around the world and has lived on three continents. Josh dabbles with a number of interests: novice cello player, photographer, painter, novice videographer, hiker, wildlife conservation enthusiast, novice journalist, health enthusiast, real estate investor, and writer. 

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Upon his first visit he vowed to own a tree house and invest in the community. Years later, that dream finally came true.

"I love that Casa Perezosa is so well-located. It’s close to basecamp. It’s close to the green trail. It’s close to the red loop trail. All the while, you still have complete privacy and immersion within the forest. Among the tree houses not at base camp it’s one of the easier and fastest treks to get to Perezosa, making it more accessible to a wider range of people, young and old. This makes Perezosa and ideal option for many guests".

Ultimately, it’s his love for nature and wildlife that drew him to Costa Rica and the Finca community in particular.

If you would like more information on Josh's travels and exploration then be sure to follow him on youtube or through his website.

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each home is different - find your zen!

The Fusion Home

The Fusion Home

Pool, projector, sunset views. solar power, 15 min walk

El Fenix

El Fenix

Waterfall, cosy, solar power, green trail, 15 min walk

Fila Tortuga

Fila Tortuga

Romantic, hardwoods, private, deep in the jungle

Casa Perezosa

Casa Perezosa

Closest home on the red trail, spacious, king size bed, no power

Casa Tamandua

Casa Tamandua

Modern, stunning views, spacious, solar power

Casa Paraiso

Casa Paraiso

Perfect for families, close proximity to car park and waterfall, solar power...

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If you are interested in renting 'The Fusion Home' then please note that only 1 week rentals are available at this time. For shorter or longer rentals at Finca Bellavista, please consider this home or others available to book on this website.

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