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The Fusion Home
Featured on Most Incredible Homes

Featured on Most Incredible Homes



Welcome to the Fusion Home blog and dwelling of Matt and Amy, residents of the Finca Bellavista community since 2012.

We invite you to come and share in an unique off-grid experience that fuses the modern sustainable world with the wild, breathtakingly beautiful and incredibly bi-diverse Southern Zone of Costa Rica.


Finca Bellavista is situated in the mountainous south Pacific coastal region of Costa Rica, called the Southern Zone. Markedly rustic and rural, this area is renowned as one of the most biologically diverse places on Earth. At an elevation of 650 to 1400 feet, the finca lies within the AMISTOSA wildlife migration corridor that connects the Talamanca mountains and the Osa Peninsula.

The community was first founded in 2006 and offered a total of 96 lots for purchase spread out over 200 acres of off-grid paradise. Owners could purchase and build their dream properties either for residential or investment purposes.

A property management company provided services for homeowners and their guests making the venture very desirable to overseas investors. The concept was simple, escape to paradise when needing a break from the "real world" and offset expenses when not using the home by renting it out through the program. 

Sadly, the property management company ceased operations in 2020 leaving many owners in a difficult position. The Fusion Home is happy to share it's website with our neighbors to help either rent or sell their properties.