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Read about Finca Bellavista in Iberia's inflight magazine 'Ronda' as we personally show

Matt and Amy (The couple behind the Fusion Home) show 'Ronda' - Iberia's in-flight magazine around Finca Bellavista. Ronda magazine is the inflight magazine of Iberia Airlines, distributed in all Iberia, Iberia Express and Air Nostrum flights. Produced in both Spanish and English, Ronda magazine reaches an estimated 18 million passengers per annum. The magazine offers an informative and lively mix of features including fashion, lifestyle and travel which mirrors the interest of its loyal readers.

El Castillo Mastate

Here's what they had to say: (Spanish first followed by English)


El Castillo Mastate

El sueño de la norteamericana Erica Hogan se hizo realidad en 2006, cuando tuvo una visión de película: “Se me ocurrió construir un poblado como el de los Ewoks en StarWars, al ver el terreno con árboles y ríos”, recuerda. Ella y su marido Mateo han impulsado este complejo de casas en árboles, en el sur de la costa pacífica tica. En sus 200 hectáreas hay aún parcelas a la venta, aunque por el momento han construido 14 casas, que se alquilan por 90 euros la noche. El sudafricano Matthew New y la estadounidense Amy Marino llevan el día a día de la finca. Llegaron como voluntarios y ya tienen su terreno para hacerse una casa. “Nuestra idea es trabajar y vivir aquí ocho meses al año y alquilar la casa otros cuatro para viajar”, cuenta Matthew. El precio de construcción varía según el tamaño y si se erige sobre un árbol o sobre pilotes, yendo desde los 60.000 a los 220.000 euros. Amy y Matthew nos conducen a través de espectaculares pasarelas, hasta Casa Paraíso, la última en acabarse. Construida con madera de teca, tiene lo básico (agua, baño y electricidad), pero advierten al viajero que no es un hotel urbano: “Wi-Fi solo hay en el campo base – explica Amy. Aún recuerdo a unas suizas con tacones…Aquí hay que venir con otra mentalidad".


Amy Marino


US-born Erica Hogan’s dream began to take shape back in 2006: ‘When I saw the land, it occurred to me to build a town like the ones the Ewoks in StarWars lived in. It made sense, given its layout: the hillsides, trees and rivers.’ Erica and her husband Matthew are the masterminds behind this complex of tree houses on the southern coast of Costa Rica. There are still a few unsold plots left on its 200 hectares but, so far, 14 houses – which can be rented for €90 a night –have been built. Price depends on size, and the structure –built either in a tree or on stilts – and the land it stands on come in at €60,000–€220,000.

Amy and Matt

South African 'Matthew New' and American 'Amy Marino' who manage the property, came as volunteers and now have their own land for building a house.They lead us from basecamp,where the cafe is, across spectacular footbridges until we reach the most recently finished house. Built of teak over six months, it has electricity, water and toilets, but it’s no city hotel. ‘Only basecamp has wi-fi,’ says Amy. ‘And I can still remember some women from Switzerland who brought their high heels... you need a different mentality when you come here.’

Read the full article here



Since the article was published back in November of 2016, Matt and Amy have been working hard to pursue their dream of constructing "The Fusion Home'.

They have recently completed Phase 1 and are full swing into Phase 2, the project is projected to be finished in 2 months (mid July of 2016).

The goal is to build a home that fuses both the modern world with the jungle. Having now spent 4 years living at Finca Bellavista and doing extensive research into materials that can combat the jungle, Matt and Amy are confident that their design and materials will allow for modern comforts within the rugged environment. Phase 1 saw an earthquake foundation, galvanized steel and extra support beams.

Phase 2 has already incorporated fiber cement siding and Plyrock. The home will have a bluetooth mesh smart system which will allow guests to control lights, locks, and blinds. You can read more about products going into the home here.

The home sits up high on a rainforest ridge line, and boasts incredible views overlooking Finca Bellavista basecamp. Access to the home can be gained via the red trail.


Matt and Amy are offering stays in the home to help offset their construction costs. Stays can be redeemed any time after December 2016 (dependent on availability) and must be used within 2 years of purchase. Purchasing a stay during Phase 2 will be less expensive than purchasing a stay during Phase 3. Once the home is completed it will be available to rent through Finca Bellavista.

A fly-over over to celebrate the completion of Phase 1

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