The products/companies advertised below do not pay us, they did not seek us out. In the pursuit of building our dream off-grid home combined with years of research and trial and error we found these products to go above and beyond their potential. 


You will find all these items and more within 'The Fusion Home' and in daily use. You can use these products when renting 'The Fusion Home' or come visit us and see them in action. You can rent all the amazing tree-homes here at Finca Bellavista anytime of the year with a 10% discount using the code 'Fusion Home'. 

Enjoy these wonderful products at discounted prices.

It's no surprise that we kick off the deals with Finca Bellavista savings...

El Fenix

Without Finca Bellavista, we wouldn't be here and you wouldn't be reading this. It is hard to put into words what this magical place is, time is an illusion which checks out when you check in.


The only true way to experience the Finca Fresh Feeling is to fully immerse yourself in one of the many wonderful homes here - each one is unique and privately owned. 

Move the pictures around to find your home in paradise and enjoy 10% off anytime of the year by using the code 'Fusionhome' at checkout. 

Contact us directly about using 'The Fusion Home' for your stay. Pura Vida.

One of our favorite sustainable products and at such an amazing price too. You will be absolutely amazed what you can achieve with the power of the sun alone. We already have a 300L solar water heater on the roof of 'The Fusion Home' alongside it's 12 Canadian 320w solar panels which supply us with unlimited hot water and power. Now we get to cook all our favorite meals 

We did an article​ on these guys back in February of 2016 when we first got our solar oven and we've been using it ever since. You can follow along on our cooking adventures here. 

Use the code 'FUSIONHOME' to receive $25.00 off any order at GoSun. 

If you have any questions you would like to ask us about the GoSun stove, please do so in the Forum section of our blog.

We started collaborating with Aeratron long before we even dug the foundations for 'The Fusion Home'. They have supported us from the beginning and really are a marvel in modern engineering. 

  • Aeratron ceiling fans reduce energy consumption by up to 80% thanks to their sleek, compact, and carefully engineered design. Every component and feature has a purpose – to make the product more efficient.

  • These DOE-approved products use just 10% of the energy used by standard ceiling fans. Aeratron Airfoil Blade, moves air effortlessly, therefore reducing energy consumption. Every unit can save at least 100 kWh per year

  • They operate with less noise and vibration, making them the best option for meticulous customers

  • Remote controlled 

All AERATRON Ceiling Fans have been certified by DOE Energy Star as a Most-Efficient product for the 3rd year in a row.

HomeBiogas is the most advanced, efficient, and user-friendly household biogas system on the market. 

HomeBiogas fits perfectly in any backyard, converting household food scraps and animal manure into clean cooking gas and liquid fertilizer daily.

I remember the exact day I first discovered the 'Homebiogas' system. It was literally a 'shut up and take my money' scenario. This product sums up everything we wanted to achieve with our project and proves that you can still have all your modern comforts in a sustainable way. 

Stop wasting waste – Introducing the revolutionary backyard biogas system that will transform your household waste into clean energy!

Efficient: Converts minimal household food scraps into maximum cooking gas and fertilizer!

Environmentally Friendly:Sustainably recycles household waste locally, generating renewable energy and reducing 6 tons of greenhouse gas emissions annually!

Easy to Use:Designed for easy assembly, comfortable use, and low-maintenance- making your family’s waste-to-energy experience fun and convenient!

We don’t have any products to show here right now.

The Vision





How would your reality change if you had no mortgage or household bills? Would you choose to work less? Travel more? Learn a new skill, enjoy a favorite hobby, or devote more time to family?


Living in our modern day society where the traditional “dream” involves buying a home and filling it with stuff (much of whch we don’t actually need) has gotten us into a lot of trouble.  We have become stuck in a system where our lives become dependent on work so that we can make the necessary monthly payments to satisfy the banks that actually own our homes.  We have become stuck in a system where our electricity, heat, running water, and food needs are all dependent on outside sources.  We have become stuck in a system where we’re not free to live life according to our passions. We have become stuck in a system that we are reliant on, that works against us. We have become stuck, but the opportunity to free oneself from these restraints and live a life less common is real!

We are living in a very exciting time of change, and despite the hardships and conflicts that are still very much present in all corners of our world, great numbers of people are showing interest in being more self-reliant, aware of alternative lifestyles, and are rejecting the 'traditional' way of life that involves being dependent on major banks and corporations. 


The 'Fusion Home' will afford us the opportunity to redefine our dreams, and change what it means to own a home.  Living in and being inspired by an off-grid environment, coupled with years of research and a meticulous design process has allowed us to create a home that eradicts virtually all monthly housing and living expenses.  Through the construction of this home we strive to showcase that by utilizing sustainable technology solutions, simplifying material needs, and thinking outside the traditional norms, we can still have everything we need at our disposal to live life on our own terms without sacrificing modern day comforts.  


Read more about the design of the house, materials being used, and phases of construction below.






The Design

Included in the Fusion Home thus far:



Living in the jungle doesn't require the sacrifice of modern day comforts and amenties. The Fusion Home is designed with modern technology and building materials that optimize comfort and convenience. We want to show that we can enjoy modern day technology while still living in harmony with the natural world.  


Plydeck: (fiber cement solutions)

Advantage of fiber cement Plydeck vs. wood:


  • Fire resistant

  • Plague resistant

  • Moisture resistant

  • No wood rot

  • Unaffected by fungi

  • Has the look and workability of wood but the resistance of cement

  • High durability and minimal maintenance 

  • It does not twist or lose its shape

  • Less discoloration throughout time

  • Affordable


Plydeck was a last minute decision that ultimately came down to price. The product has the same beneficial qualities as the 'wood composite' which we were orginally going to use. It's just as durable and protects the house from the jungle elements (sun, termites, wood rot, etc). It doesn't come in the same funky colours and pattern's that composites like 'Trex' come in but it can be painted just like wood and it's half the price!

Homebiogas system:

HomeBiogas® offers the most advanced, compact and cost-effective Biogas systems that convert kitchen waste and animal manure into cooking gas and liquid fertilizer, while maintaining the highest level of safety and health standards.


Using biogas reduces deforestation due to cutting down trees for firewood. Deforestation reduces of the amount of CO2 absorbed by trees  and increases land erosion. Soil run-off pollutes rivers and lakes.

Untreated organic matter creates methane that escapes into the atmosphere. Methane is a significant contributor to global warming.

Converting organic matter to Biogas and using it for cooking and heating reduces global warming.

We didn't even hesitate when we learned about the 'Homebiogas' system and are super exicited for this product to arrive onsite. Even though we purchased this on a crowdfunding site (we got in early and saved a whopping 40%) the company has been around for many years providing meals to orphans in Africa and the Middle East. They have also partnered together with the Palestinian Wildlife Society and the Rabayah Group at the Partnership for Peace project funded by the EU work together to bring renewable energy to underserved Palestinian communities. We are thinking about building a small bodega around the structure to counteract jungle critters! You can read more about 'Homebiogas' via our blog.


Tear and Puncture Proof: Super Screen® is a product of space age technology creating lightweight yet incredibly strong fiber strands. These strands are then woven into a screen mesh that is virtually indestructible.


Lasting Durability: Unlike fiberglass screen that becomes hard and brittle after a couple of years of exposure to sunlight, Super Screen®retains flexibility year after year. After a seven year weathering test,Super Screen® lost only 1% of its tensile strength. This alone is amazing!


Will Not Fade: The UV tolerant properties of Super Screen® reveal themselves in the form of unsurpassed color retention, longevity, and filtering characteristics. With Super Screen®, extended exposure to the sun will not result in the bleaching, flaking, and fading, like other screens  - which means it will look newer longer and save on maintenance.


Mildew Resistant: Super Screen® fabric includes a biocide compound that resists mildew growth, yielding longer lasting beauty from the fabric. No other pool screen, porch screen or patio screen can claim this.


No More Pet Damage: Repairs to screen doors, patios, pool cages and porch screens are often a continual expense to pet owners. Super Screen® eliminates this cost. Customers say that they can't even see claw marks.


Resists Wind Damage & Flying Objects: Before Super Screen® arrived, outdoor screen products only gave customers protection from bugs and insects - no protection against punctures, tears or frequent deterioration. Super Screen® offers much more! Wind blown debris and falling objects just bounce off the screen. 


Keeps Out Insects & Bugs: The fine mesh of Super Screen® is superior in protecting against bugs and insects while retaining transparency. Breezes blow through. All else stays out!


Enough said.... :)


The 'Superscreen' was something we have known about for a long time. We ordered what we needed for "The Fusion Home' nearly 2 years ago. Since then we have been using it for other homes and buildings here at Finca Bellavista. It really is a fantastic product and gives the homes a modern look and allows for much needed cross-breezes and ventilation, while still doing an amazing job at keeping the insects out. When looking outside in, its very dark and hard to look inside but when looking inside out, it almost looks like there is nothing there! Awesome stuff. We recommend this product to anyone considering in a tropical or subtropical environment.  

Rainwater Management Solutions:

RMS brings a commonsense, cost-effective approach to the escalating issue of water conservation and management through its innovative rainwater harvesting system designs. The staff at RMS comprises the largest rainwater harvesting company in the U.S. with a combined experience of over 60 years in the business.


RMS sells WISY filters exclusively and is the only WISY filter dealer in the U.S. and the largest in the world.  Collect 95 percent of your water with sustainable, self-cleaning WISY filters and never clean a basket or tank.Water conservation and management is becoming a worldwide survival issue due to accelerating water shortages, property development and population growth, aging infrastructures, growing agricultural demands, a general warming trend, and the ever-increasing cost of and demand for natural water resources. RMS brings a commonsense, cost-effective approach to addressing the escalating issue of water conservation and management through its innovative rainwater harvesting system designs and its experienced, knowledgeable staff. The expertise of the staff encompasses industries directly impacted by water management issues.


Aeratron - Fans

Aeratron designed the world’s most eco-efficient and silent ceiling fans available in the market including their newly developed LED lights.


The fans’ silent rotation uses only 10% of the energy of a conventional ceiling fan and combined with air conditioning or heating systems, cooling costs can be cut back by up to 50% in summer and heating costs up to 30% in winter. A great way to contribute to a sustainable future.


The noiseless movement of the fan blades is the result of bionic engineering inspired by bird wings.

The optimised contours of the 3-D aerofoil blades have small winglets designed to create a very even, smooth airflow, and to eliminate air vortex drag and swirl (strong wind tunnels). And their Swiss-engineered self-balancing system keeps the blades in a steady, aerodynamic equilibrium.


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