the former crew of Finca bellavista:

Most of the staff at Finca Bellavista have been working there since the inception of the community back in 2006. Without these amazing individuals FBV would not exist. They are one of the big factors in why we both ended up making Finca Bellavista our home and they are our family. 

We will miss seeing most of them on a daily basis. 

office - reception

Yari Guerra (Maria) Espinoza A.k.a 'la jefa'

Yari arrived at Finca Bellavista shortly before we did (she started the same time as Yessenia), we have been very privileged getting to know Yari and her immediate family over the years - especially her daughter 'Briana'. 

Yari handles things, period. She barely spoke any English when we first met and is now teaching it! Yari started out assisting in the kitchen with meal prep and preparing the homes at Finca Bellavista. You can now find Yari managing the office and she is most likely the first person to greet you if you arrive as a guest. Yari is one of three supervisors at Finca Bellavista and heads up her own department.

Food production and water systems

Freddy Zuniga Altamirano A.K.A 'FELO'

Felo is ultimately in charge of the gardens as well as ensuring our gravity fed water systems are working efficiently so you don’t run out of water.


The Finca would be a very different place without Felo, he has been here since the beginning and has been an integral part of the whole operation. He will be around to assist you in the garden for a tour, a ‘Finca Fresh’ bag or any produce available that you would like to purchase.

Amy still to this day assists Felo in the garden!

Felo's passion for gardening shines through in the produce he produces and he has become quite the local celebrity. If you are volunteering at Finca Bellavista then we highly recommend signing up for some additional duties with him. We are constantly learning from him and would not of been able to set up are own gardens without him.

Tony Suarez Gonzalez a.k.a 'papa tony'

Tony is Felo's right hand man and proved himself to be equally as valuable to the community. He is one of the hardest workers we know and always eager to impress.

You will find Tony in the gardens and he shares the same responsibilities as Felo while covering each others days off.


Tony's sister Yesse joined the community a few years prior and he is lucky to have an older sister onsite to look after him.

housekeeping and kitchen

yessenia gonsalez (Maria) suarez  A.K.A 'YESSE'

Yesse loves working at the Finca and started the same time as Yari (almost 10 years ago). Never one to shy from a conversation, even if it's not in Spanish and always willing to lend a helping hand to anyone in need. 


Yesse has picked up basic English working with volunteers (and lessons from Amy) and can be found either preparing the houses, assisting in the kitchen and even sanding/varnishing the odd table. 

Weakness: Snickers and blue eyed babies

Evelyn (Maria) Matarrita  A.K.A 'EVY'

Evy is one of the most down to earth 'Ticas' we have ever met. Always pleasant and a joy to be around, never a dull moment with a very infectious laugh - seriously, we can hear her laugh all the way from basecamp from inside our home 🤣. 


Evy is a jack of all trades and can be found assisting 

in the kitchen as well as helping prepare the houses for incoming guests. 

Evy is famously known for her banana chocolate pancakes served at breakfast!

Hannia (maria) Montes a.k.a mama hannia

OK, so no one really calls Hannia 'Mama Hannia' but they should! She is the perfect example of a loving Tica mom that cares for the whole community (plus we know her step daughter 'Edith' and Edith's grand daughter 'Keisha Alana' very well as well as her own daughters - she's a great mom!). 


Hannia is also famously known for her massages -

I mean really famously known. She has a dedicated place of tranquility situated right above the river where guests enjoy an amazing natural care-free experience.


Hannia is also an amazing cook and also assists with house prep. 

Adrian Zuniga Zuniga a.k.a the man

maintenance and tours

Adrian does it all, seriously. I don't think anyone knows as much about the inner workings of Finca Bellavista more than he does. He is a fantastic problem solver and will always lend a helping hand (even if that means staying over if the job is not finished). 

Adrian is one of three superstar supervisors who help keep the wheels turning. When not at FBV, Adrian is attending night classes to further his education and loves practicing his Spanish with guests and volunteers of the community - be sure to say hi! 


Bryan Chacón a.k.a el tractor

Bryan is the 3rd and final supervisor at Finca Bellavista. He is a joy to be around and is quite the jokester but can also be found on the receiving end

- this makes working with him and the rest of the crew, super fun and entertaining. You can always rely on Bryan to put a smile on your face.

Bryan is also FBV's production assistant when the media is in town and can often be found showing off his charm and good looks in front of the camera. He has earned the name 'tractor' from his work colleagues because he is constantly working out and putting on muscle.