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Finca Bellavista offers a unique lifestyle in many forms. 


Many people assume that the homes available to rent within the community are owned by Finca Bellavista but that is not the case. All the homes (besides the ones at basecamp - Casa del sol, La Torreluna and Casa Estrella) are all privately owned - you can own one too, sign up for more info!

As an owner, you can either live here (highly recommend 😀), put your home in the Finca Bellavista rental pool (currently promoted via vacasa) or rent your home out privately. 

Current homes available to rent through vacasa (click for virtual tour):


not all homes at finca bellavista are in the vacasa rental pool. some owners prefer to long-term rent privately. 

(as a member of the website, you get to chat with the owner of these homes below directly in 'The Fusion Home forum') 

Renting is a fantastic option if you are considering buying a plot of land or property at Finca bellavista (it's also a pretty cool option for volunteers who don't want to stay in the bunkhouse!) 


Prior to meeting Amy, I (Matt) privately rented 'Casa Del Mono' back in 2013 - Turned out to be the best decision of my life. For more information regarding that experience as well as being able to meet the owners of some of these incredible treehouses, previous awesome volunteers and guests, more info on what's for sale within the community etc then consider joining up as a member - it's free and easy! 

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