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Our goal is to one day become 100% sustainable with everything we need right at our doorstep. Everyday we experiment with something new in our gardens. Share in our adventures by following along on the stories above...

Life as a Finca bellavista guest

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Teeming with flora, fauna and a human vibe all its own, Finca Bellavista offers a life less ordinary. Within the broad expanse and biodiversity of the Southern Zone of Costa Rica, this private community and rainforest reserve is the most unique neighborhood in the world. The pulse of unfiltered life present defines sensory overload, and provides a daily existence immersed and in tune with nature.

Travel planning for a visit to the Southern Zone is packed with decisions. Begin the journey to Finca Bellavista with the proper travel planning resources.

experience fbv as a volunteer

Finca Bellavista is fortunate to be able to provide opportunities to the adventurous and dedicated people that gravitate to our volunteer program. This program helps us continue manifesting our treehouse community, and offers a unique, one-of-a-kind experience for volunteers.

epic adventure blogs regarding life at finca bellavista coming soon...

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